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    April 23 – 3 Notes
  • prostheticknowledge:


    A bit of VR history here - A free VR system developed in 1991 by two enthusiasts that ran on PCs and was compatible with the Nintendo Power Glove and the SegaScope shutterglasses:

    In the first half of the 1990s there had been a huge mediatic boom about virtual reality. Movies about VR were released; TV programmes were hyping incredibly expensive hardware; books about the phylosophy of the virtual were written; everyone was talking about virtual reality.
    All the hype was basically just a lot of talking, until two independent VR enthusiasts, Dave Stampe and Bernie Roehl, decided that it was time to actually bring virtual reality to PC users. For this reason, they wrote an open source software for MS-DOS they called Rend386 that allowed the creation and exploration of virtual worlds and offered native support to the Nintendo Power Glove (for manipulation) and the SegaScope shutterglasses (for stereoscopy). Rend386 and its successors VR386 and AVRIL were quite popular on FidoNet and on the internet, and some users created free virtual environments for them.

    Here is a YouTube video (in Italian - turn captions on) which explains and demonstrates more:

    If you are happy to download a browser add-on, you can view some of the 3D worlds created from this time.

    More info can be found here

  • kyttenjanae:

    nothing feels quite right on this lonley planet tonight

  • arratik:

    Top: A picture of the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC, before being run through a cool new piece of artware called Pixel-Drifter

    Bottom: After (both the processing and me trying to remember how to use Bash…)

  • Andrew Benson’s WebGL Art Demos




    Two pieces of online art put together by Andrew Benson.

    The first, ‘Radical Paintings' (top) is a generative, always changing dynamic spectacle of colour, shapes and morphing.

    The second, ‘Bouncing Gradient' (below), are random bouncing polygons, which you can add as many as you wish.

  • prostheticknowledge:


    Online coding community site to demonstrate examples of 3D graphics programming, offering smooth and interactive WebGL rendering in your browser:

    Shadertoy is the first application to allow developers all over the globe to push pixels from code to screen using WebGL since 2009.

    This website is the natural evolution of that original idea. On one hand, it has been rebuilt in order to provide the computer graphics developers and hobbyists with a great platform to prototype, experiment, teach, learn, inspire and share their creations with the community. On the other, the expressiveness of the shaders has arisen by allowing different types of inputs such as video or sound.

    Check out many impressive examples here

  • 00:00 What I Might Do (Kolombo Remix) - Ben Pearce
    03:40 Move Your Hips (Original Mix) - Sonic Future
    07:15 Feel Me (Mario Basanov Rmx) - Millok & Zigelli
    09:28 One More Night (Beatamines&david Jach Remix)
    11:40 Be Good To Me (Original Mix) - Croatia Squad
    14:36 Black Cat - Niko Schwin - Deep Future
    19:08 Let Me Love You (Original Mix) - Tapesh & KANT
    20:44 Late Night (Solomun Remix) - Foals
    26:00 Hummel - Topspin & Dmit Kitz
    28:35 It’s Yours (Nice7 Remix)- Jon Cutler
    32:02 Leary - Melo & Kaiten
    34:07 Cool Kids (Original Mix) - Lauren Lane
    37:50 Getting Lost (Original Mix) - Philip Bader
    42:48 The Hunger (Betoko Remix) - Bunte Bummler

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  • Yüzyılın arcade makinası geliyor! #raspberrypi #retropie #retroarch #mame #snes #nes #gba #emulator #gamepad #retro #DIY

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